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Born to THRIVE

August 11th - one-day transformational hike
in magic nature of Swiss Jura

With Eva Cendors - international trainer, coach and artist
and Ruta Mikulenaite - trekking & forest therapy guide

Do you long for meaning and fulfillment in your life? Do you want to connect with like-minded women? Would you like to shed years of fatigue and heaviness? Then the "Born to THRIVE" hike is for YOU. By connecting with the beautiful and wild nature, you will have the opportunity to tap into your own nature, your deeper desires and calling. You will feel lighter, more joyful, inspired and gain clarity about your next steps in life.

Does this sound like you?

- You know that there is so much more deep within you, a hidden potential - that you are not able to shine right now.

- You lack clarity around your next step.

- You sometimes feel hidden or unrecognized.

- You like to change your career path and you don’t know where to start.

- You lack confidence and self-esteem.

- You know what you would like to achieve but for some reasons you are not able to move forward.

- You feel stuck in life that is unfulfilling, boring, frustrating.

What participants usually experience during and after the event?

- Increase of energy and confidence.

- New clarity about your next steps and eagerness to take them.

- Feeling of peace and joy.

- Feeling of deep connection and belonging.

- Relief and lightness.

- New motivation to go after your goals.

- Support from the accountable partner.

"Connect with the magic of wild nature... your inner rhythm slows down and your awareness increases with it. Like an animal, you breathe in the rich scents of the earth. Your senses open wide. You begin to discover so many treasures... What a joy. What lightness. Suddenly you feel connected. Suddenly you get new insights... Suddenly you know. You open up to your essence and long for the one thing... to express it fully in the world."

If you haven’t met EVA or RUTA yet:

You will enjoy Eva's deep humanity, kindness, strong intuition and clarity. She is able to  create a group cohesion within no time. People often experience deep feeling of belonging, safety, ease and joy. You will appreciate Eva's creativity, sense of beauty and harmony and deep love for nature.

Ruta is a human chamois. She is a deep lover of the mountains.  Her thriving life is designed in nature - which she takes such pleasure in letting you discover! You'll love her unique sense of humor and light-hearted disposition.

Price: 190 CHF
What is included in the price?

* Professional services by a qualified mountain

leader and carefully prepared itinerary.

* Professional group coaching session.

* Nature connection workshop.

* Creative expression workshop.

Places are limited for this event so be sure to reserve your spot now!

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Your place is reserved once the full amount has been paid.

Cancellation policy: 1 months before: 50% refundable. 2 weeks before non-refundable.

Ruta mountain - Copy.jpg
Meet Ruta Mikulenaite

Ruta has done her first hike back in 2013- she then realized that the real life is not happening in the indoor- office environment but rather outside.

This made her realize that she was missing something important in her life- connection with Nature. Since then, most of her time she spends outside- climbing, hiking, wild camping, walking in the forests, parks and other natural places. She has become hiking ‚guru‘ and is now passionate to share the most beautiful places in the Swiss Alps with the others. During her outings she invites participants to experience nature differently: through mindfulness, nature connection practices & human element.

Retreat participants often say that Ruta's passion for Nature is contagious.

Ruta is a professional mountain leader ( Association of Mountain Guides in Switzerland), neuro-coach (Neuroleadership Institute, London), and forest therapy guide (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, USA). 

By creating Be Outside Coaching movement, she has connected her 2 major passions: activities outside and human development. Be Outside Coaching delivers immersive and holistic Nature experiences in the different corners of the Swiss Alps.

Be Outside. Be Authentic. Be You


From her first job at the Geneva School of Dramatic Art as a teacher of body language and expression twenty years ago, she discovered her passion for teaching, inspiring, motivating, transmitting and transforming. 

Since then, she has created numerous workshops and customized training courses for high-level individuals, combining personal development and creativity: women in research (Gender Equality program for the Swiss university network), managers at European level (Saint-Gobain), students at Sciences Po (Paris).

Passionate about the meaning of human life and deep fulfillment, she has introduced Ikigai into her practice and accompanies expatriate women in finding their true vocation and creating a flourishing life after relocation.

She holds a Master's degree from Charles University in Prague (French phylology - research in communication and phonetics) and studied at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Prague (anthropological and ritual theater). She has been trained by masters of communication, leadership and personal development such as Richard Olivier, Brandon Bays and Thomas d'Ansenbourg.

A passionate creator and artist, she has worked as a film actress with Liam Neeson, Emmanuelle Devos, Julie Ferrier and others. For over a decade, she has been creating and singing inspirational songs internationally, taking part in festivals, retreats and other events.

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