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Eva has the gift
of bringing joy,
through her music and, 
her humanity.
Happinez magazine

Eva Cendors is an international artist, songwriter and singer. She lived in France for 20 years and resettled in Czech Republic in the summer of 2022. Born in Czechoslovakia, she felt like an alien, in her country and her family. Since she could remember, she strived for joy, beauty, creative expression, fulfillment and freedom. But her country was controlled by a totalitarian political system. And her parents, both engineers, were not that keen on her artistic inclination. It is no surprise, that it took a pretty long while for Eva to overcome family and social conditioning and to defeat her inner monsters in order to bring into the world her unique voice and art.


Luckily enough, since her childhood, she could connect to arts and creativity in different ways. She sung in local choirs, learnt to play the recorder, the flute and the guitar. As a defiant and hypersensitive teenager she poured her heart into poems, claiming as her models the french poets Villon, Baudelaire and Rimbaud. She was also keen on Czech poets  such as melancholic Orten and Holan or beatnik Hrabe.


When she was fifteen, she created her first song and sung it on stage with a group of kids. Torn between dramatic art, music and dance, she was trained as an actress at the Theatre Academy, Prague. She acted in movies, TV series, radio soap opera and worked in dubbing.


In her late twenties, her longing for an authentic creative voice emerged in a very strong way. She wrote a bunch of texts, put them in music and sung them in cabarets in the French capital, accompanied by a fellow songwriter and singer Andrew Sweeny. Step by step, with simplicity and humility she carves her songs. They are the reflection of her inner journey: taking the courage and leaving the uncomfortable "comfort" of family heritage and heading toward an authentic expression of her inner voice. 

Performing in different countries, people often come to see her after a concert with tears in their eyes, sharing the powerful experience they have just gone through: "Your music is healing." 

Her models along the way are Cat Stevens, Joan Baez, Sam GarrettKirtana, Fia, or Xavier Rudd.

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