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* WOW  WOW WOW!!!!!! Eva,  GOOSE BUMPS ALL OVER  WHILE I LISTENED TO YOUR SONG CERRIDWEN!  I love it  thank you so much for sending it to me !  much love and Gratitude  to you and yours.

* Your music is so beautiful and heart opening.

*I just wanted to say that your music is absolutely gorgeous and very touching. I can feel the heart you've put into this. Thank you so much for sharing it with me, I'm deeply grateful.

Eva Cendors 24A.jpg

* Your music is very beautiful and emotionally comforting to listen to. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

*Woow, I have just heard your album Mirages and

I truly love it, the lyrics are so sincere and I can feel they are coming straight from your heart. That was sooo soothing !

* Great message and the vocals and instrumentals are quite soothing.

*Your music is beautiful and moving.

* What a voice, what an experience.

* Wow Eva, beautiful songs and beautiful voice! 

*You are such a gifted person. Thank you for sharing your gift with others.

* I really was touched by this sound and your open heart. I am a musician too would love to play one day with you!

* Your voice is special!! There is a part in me that is very moved when I listen to your songs.

* Thank you very much for your beautiful music, Eva !:-)  I listen to it every morning when I make my way to work. It brings me to a great and peaceful mood. I wish you had a lot of success.

* Wow, it actually got me teary-eyed. I felt it in my heart chakra. It's free of all the lofty excess of instruments which would only conceal the simplicity and the truth of the message. It's like I can see its energy, light but moving, simple yet deep. It touches all the right places of existence. Like it's been in front of our eyes, but we fail to use it because we don't recognize our divinity. It's a call for openness and expansion of the heart; like an invitation to let the healing light of love in. And very softly. It has this mending and redemptive quality. Thank you for this. I will relisten to it time and again for sure.

*Your song is so beautiful, relaxing, soothing. Is like a river of fresh water to my soul. Thank you so much! Do you have any videos of you playing? 

* Wow! Eva, it's beautiful and it speaks to me at the right time! I thank you so much for this gift! I wish your album would come to all the people that might be touched by your wonderful gift.

* You can not imagine how amazed I was by your Woman's Song. I often listen to your CD and I love it: the Woman's Song had a special influence on me.... After listening to a Czech version, I gained a lot of clarity and the song became even more intense for me. It carries such healing effects! It is really very powerful!!! I feel my "inner woman" was reborn... :-)

You are doing great healing work and I thank you for it!!!

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