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Do you want to immediately increase your self-worth and confidence? Download and start using the
"Step into your Power guided visualisation":

* You're a smart and ambitious woman.
* You love freedom and independence.
* You appreciate beauty and excellence.
* And with your altruistic heart, you LOVE to give back and serve to bring more harmony, joy and peace into the world.

Welcome to:

Born to THRIVE

Ready and committed to change your life? Would you like to be accompanied by Eva? Take your heart and ask for help.

When you were in your twenties, you had dreams... of travel, of a light, joyful life, full of exploration, freedom, meaning and fulfillment. It was so clear in your head.

Today, things are all different. You don't feel happy or fulfilled. You are often tired. Sometimes even worn out. You don't have time or energy for what really matters to you. There is your work, your family, all their demands... Sometimes, you really feel like you are living in a big chaos and things got totally out of control.

You don't know how you got there. Where did you go wrong? 

Because you don't feel well, you've tried therapy. And then another. It worked at the time. You felt better. But in the long run, there's no real change. You are often frustrated, sad, tired and you lack meaning and joy in life.

Do you recognize yourself?

* You know you were born to thrive and yet you don't really feel fulfilled.
* You are good at what you do, but your work no longer fulfills you.
* You lack energy and motivation when you get up in the morning.
* You feel like you're wasting your time, that you lack meaning. You don't want to live like this until you retire. You know there's something more.
* You would like to do something different, to change your path - but you don't know what or how to do it. 
* You know you need to change your path but the idea of transition scares or stresses you. You'd rather push it away.
* You are intelligent and capable but you are not able to give your all. Your qualities remain hidden and you lack recognition.
* You put the needs of others, your family, your colleagues, your friends before your own for fear of being rejected.

What if it was possible to get out of your unpleasant situation in just three months or less? No return... You get out of the impasse for real... Your life will change. And as you feel alive, joyful and light again, everyone around you (including your family) will benefit from your transformation. Your joy is of course contagious...

                YOU were born to THRIVE

And YES, you have all that you need for creating it within YOU.

My job is to help you remove all the layers of conditioning, disempowering beliefs and other obstacles so that you can take flight - to a fulfilled, happy and inspiring life.


Ready and committed to change your life? Would you like to be accompanied by Eva? Take your heart and ask for help.


“With Eva's coaching, in less than an hour, I did the job that was on my shoulders for the last six months!”

Valdone Meylan, Monthey (Switzerland)

Hi Dear!

I am Eva.
My soul's mission is to support you in turning your struggles into treasures. Being alive is about change. We evolve all the time. Yet some transitions seem really scary or impossible. The good news is that you don't have to go through this alone. I do believe that you were born to thrive and I LOVE seeing you happy, fulfilled and successful. This is the life you deserve. My role is to assist you in opening your wings wide so that you can fly to new heights.

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I am a very sensitive, intuitive and creative being, Life Transition Coach and Artist.
Coming from a place of childhood abuse, chaos, total lack of confidence, long term depression, anxiety, lack of meaning and disorientation, I was able to overcome them and turn them into treasures. That's why you can totally relax in a safe space that I will hold for you (my coaching is based on my life experience and all the challenges I had to overcome myself. I don't base my work on a theory taught in school or in textbooks). After each session, you will notice a considerable relief that will stay and the next session we will go even further (not like most therapies and coaching where you feel good after the session and then you fall back to exactly the same place you were before).

After graduating in general linguistics, French language and literature at Charle's University (Prague) and after studying at the Academy of Dramatic Arts (DAMU, Prague), I moved to Geneva. I started my career as a teacher of body expression and improvisation at the Geneva School of Dramatic Art (ESAD) and at the University of Geneva. In a few years, I developed courses combining Creativity, Art and Personal Development (for the University of Geneva, the Ecole-Club Migros and the Société de Lecture) such as public speaking, assertiveness, theater and personal development, team building, use of intuition, increase of self-esteem and self-love. I was hired as a trainer in public speaking and assertiveness for the "Regard" program (by the Office of Gender Equality and the support of the female academic students - training of doctoral female students, assistants and professors in the network of universities in French-speaking Switzerland). Later, I was hired by Sciences Po, Paris, to teach Public Speaking Skills. I also developed a unique course for the same institution: Theatre and Ritual.  I have trained over thousands of participants in public speaking, assertiveness and other soft skills. I have also worked for the corporate world, training high level executives (Saint Gobain). 

Passionate about the questions of fulfillment and meaningful life,  I have accompanied around hundred women in the discovery of their "Ikigai" (life's purpose). I have also accompanied hundreds of women through difficult transitions in their lives.

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As an actress, I have participated in several theatrical productions (Geneva, Paris). I have worked for the radio France Culture (voice and singing for several radio plays). I have played the main part in several short films and have had roles in feature films and television series, having worked with great actors such as Liam Neeson, Emanuelle Devoz, Julie Ferrier, Laurence Colussi, and with several stars of Czech cinema... 

For the Czech national radio Vltava, I created the successful show "Passion Chanson". I interviewed about twenty contemporary French singer-songwriters (Arthur Le Forestier, Bruno Guglielmi, Aliose, Antsa&Mendrika,...). My own songs were played on Vltava and other radio stations in the Czech Republic and France. As a singer-songwriter, I have performed more than a hundred concerts, internationally. My song "Odešla" ("She has gone") was at the top of the Czech National Radio charts for two weeks. The art video "Prayer for the Earth" that I directed (for my song of the same name) won the first prize for music videos at the St. Petersburg International Film Festival.


No matter what I do... whether I'm creating, performing or coaching, MY MISSION is always the same: to uplift, inspire, bring relief and alignment. Because when you are aligned, you begin to shine and live a THRIVING LIFE, the one of ease, flow and joy.

Ready and committed to change your life? Would you like to be accompanied by Eva? Take your heart and ask for help.

My greatest teachers and inspirations

* Prof. Ivan Vyskočil (Dialogues with inner partners)
* Prof. Jana Pilátová (How to listen to your body and trust your communication, non-verbal improvisations)
* Richard Olivier (From Shakespeare to Leader, Peak Performance Presentations)
* Sonia Choquette (Intuition)
* Brendon Burchard (EFT)
* Brandon Bays (The Journey)
* Thomas d'Ansenbourg (Non-violent Communication, Self-assertiveness and Authenticity)

With the exception of Sonia Choquette and Brandon Burchard, I have been trained by all of the above in person.

My clients share their experience...

Interview with Lucia Honig, Solothurn (Switzerland)

Lucia, please describe to me where you were in your life before we started our coaching. What problem did you want to solve?

I was in a very unpleasant situation. I lived in chaos. The pace of my life was very fast. I tried to deal with problems, but as soon as I succeeded in dealing with one thing, another one appeared. I was exhausted. I didn’t have any spare energy. I just did what was the most important. But, I knew that it didn’t go anywhere. It was actually getting worse and worse.


What made you decide to take the coaching with me?

I don’t know. You attracted me. Since the beginning I knew that I had to write to you. I knew that it was important. And then it was happening all by itself.


How did you experience our work together? What were the sessions like for you?

I was always looking forward to our sessions.

After about the second or third session, I got into a lot of shit and I couldn't stop it (she says it with ease and a laugh).

Every session brought some momentum, some energy, and then something happened. Something was going on, something was clearing. We both sensed when I needed to wait and when I could move on. Through the whole coaching,I had confidence that I would move on and that I would make it through.


Can you cite a key moment in the coaching?

I felt the shift in coaching right after the first session. And it happened again and again each time. And with that came the desire to continue and see how much further I could go.

What exactly was the shift that you experienced after each session?

In the beginning, the head dominated - and then, I rather perceived reality in a combination of head and heart. There was always an emotion involved. It could be quite painful. And at the same time, it went very fast. I was able to process that emotion. And then you told me that it didn't have to be hard. And then suddenly it was very easy.

And then, when I was on vacation - the same numbers kept jumping in front of me in synchronicity, and I kept falling back into the role of the victim. And then one morning it dawned on me: the situation gave me freedom. I have absolute freedom. I can do anything. All I have to do is accept it when it comes, trust that I can solve it, and that the solution is in my favor. And that's enough. I don't have to do anything else.

The solution, the tool, is (within) me.


I remember that one of your fundamental problems at the beginning of coaching was creating personal boundaries. You had this need to please others, to make them "like you" so you wouldn't piss them off and they wouldn't reject and hate you. Since you didn't dare to say no, the others took advantage of it and put on you what they didn't want to do themselves. What's happening today?

I don't care (laughing) that anyone is mad at me. I don't give a shit. It's other’s, not mine. It doesn't affect me. Everybody chooses their own path and is responsible for it. If someone else is suffering, it doesn't mean I have to stop living.

I am deeply touched to see the confidence, calmness and serenity that shines from you today. That wasn't there at the beginning either. You had pretty low self-esteem.

It's true. I feel so calm today. Just a few years ago, I had such a need for salvation. I thought I'd be a better person if I helped someone. But really, I was just filling in what was missing.


What are you walking away with from our work together?

Now I have everything I need. I have all the equipment. I trust that whatever happens, I can figure it out... or rather, it'll work itself out. (laughs) I don't really solve anything. I need to do less... and be in the present moment. Enjoying what is.

Lucia, thank you very much for the interview.

I thank you.

Ready and committed to change your life? Would you like to be accompanied by Eva? Take your heart and ask for help.

Discovering my life purpose and stepping into my confident self - interview with Aneta Kralova -
(testimonial from the three-month Born to THRIVE coaching programme)

More testimonials

"I would like to have known Eva earlier. She understood my storms and she didn't judge me. In that space, I was able to forgive myself for all the pain caused to me when I was a child and I feel cool about that. That's how I was able to be focused in the present moment and to see my brilliant future coming.

Eva helped me to accept my weaknesses and to see the best part of me. Now, I feel confident and I was able to find a new job (close enough to my home so that I can get there by bike!) and organize a better life for my family.

I will recommend Eva's services to anyone who feels bad and wants to change it and to walk into success.

Thanks a million, Eva, your coaching system works and the results are incredible!"

Anita Baudillon, St-Julien en Genevois

"Working with Eva helped me to be able to listen to myself, to assert myself, to believe in myself again. The best gift I have received was to start loving myself again and believe that I am worth it :) I loved that Eva really cared and I felt her very present. I appreciated that she did everything in her power to help people find their light again. That she has a lot of passions in what she does and she cares so much about us and our progress. I would definitely recommend her services to everyone who feels lost and needs to find themselves again. Working with her gave me a new light and a new perspective!" 

Marzia Marastoni, Geneva

"I can’t thank you enough for the great session we had yesterday. 

I wanted to take some time to reflect and let things sink in before giving you my feedback. 

I think that your delivery was just great: the session was very well organised and you did a great job helping me relax and open up. You are a great listener and a communicator of positive energy. You touched down on key issues and provided me with great advice on how to work on the obstacles impeding my ikigai. You made me feel empowered after your session and would encourage everybody to try your sessions. 

Thank you again."

Yasmine Zakari, Lausanne

"Eva, you have a true gift of deep listening. You've articulated beautifully, what's going on inside me. It was so powerful. You have the great gift of witnessing people in the larger and deeper context of which we are a part."

Betka Fislova, Vienna

Please read carefully:

Born to THRIVE coaching program lasts 3 months. If for any reason you choose not to continue or stop participating, you will continue to be obliged for the entire fees as described in the agreements and no refunds will be given.

By making a non-refundable deposit, you are making a commitment to coaching. You have 12 months to complete the program, at the latest from the time of deposit.

Legal Disclaimer: Eva Cendors makes no claim regarding income guarantees or results from using my services or any suggested services. You are joining the coaching of your own free will and an individual's success is solely dependent upon individual circumstances, background, motivation and desire. However I am here to support you mind, body and spirit to be the best you can be. My commitment is 100% and I look forward to seeing your transformation!

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