You were born to thrive

You were born to feel alive

Every single second

of your life

You deserve to live

the best version

of yourself and

the best life ever

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60-minutes strategy session

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It is not a classic strategy session. You will not talk to a seller but to me. I will analyze your situation and explain exactly what you need to do.

But I only take a few calls each week and it happens that I cancel a good part of them when I am not sent a message before on Facebook.

Do you recognize yourself in some of these characteristics?

  • you have university degree

  • you have several years of professional experience

  • you have had several successes at work

  • you experience difficulties in professional evolution, you are dissatisfied

  • you experience lack of recognition at work

  • you want to change career and you don't know where and how to start

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* Your coaching helped me to assert myself in the lab. One of my superiors was disrespectful towards me. I learnt to put my limits and to seek help when necessary.

* I was in a floating moment overwhelmed by so many life imperatives and challenges. Eva helped me refocus on myself and my priorities. I felt both psychic and physical benefit. After each session, I experienced a deep feeling of relaxation, that lasted until the next morning when I got up filled with beautiful energy. I felt ready to a fresh start. I was able to put in place strategies to advance my professional project. I am very grateful to Eva!

* Dear Eva, things are moving and I feel a lot of hope. Thank you for your subtle and deep coaching. 

* What a skilled and passionate coach you are, Eva. You asked me intuitive, insightful questions and you knew what was going on inside of me. You also provided a non-judgmental, loving space for me to consider my answers. I highly recommend people giving you a try!  I felt valued, understood and validated. I came away from the conversation with more clarity and sureness about my future path.


* I was so proud of myself after the operation, I didn't panic and it was thanks to you. I felt confident and serene. Your support is precious.

* Before I found Eva, I was prone to having depressive tendencies where it would be easy for me to feel down or start spiralling down emotionally because of me being affected by external events happening in my life.

When the opportunity to work with Eva, through her guided session, and help alleviate these depressive tendencies presented itself, I decided to work with her because I felt that I could trust her with my emotions, my self (if this makes sense), and the more intimate parts of myself. I sensed that I would be emotionally safe going through this experience without being judged in any way.

Going through the experience with her was more than I could’ve hoped for as I went in it with no expectations and totally surrendering myself to Eva’s guidance while opening myself up.

What I remember was her unbelievable patience which allowed me to go through the experience at my own pace and never feel rushed, as well as her gentle guidance throughout the process.

At the end of the experience, all I could say is that I felt lighter because emotional anchors had be released, I also unexpectedly felt emotionally and spiritually stronger. In some way, I felt restored, which was an empowering position to be in. I now feel more in control of my emotional state rather than my being at its mercy.

For anyone contemplating working with Eva, I would simply say, trust her, surrender to the idea, and go for it.


Eva 3.JPG
* Your coaching has educated my mind and my way of being. I was locked into negative patterns that came from the family. I could not have continued my thesis without your kind support. By calling on you, I was extremely stressed by my thesis. I would never have reached this level of performance. I have such confidence in the future that I tell myself everything that I do is already good.
* I had a long-standing blockage around my creativity. I knew I wanted to move on, but despite my efforts, I couldn't. After Eva's coaching, I knew immediately what actions to take and everything happened so easily and smoothly that I can't understand why I took so long.
* It was magical. I feel completely transformed!
* I am very grateful to you for guiding me. I felt completely safe and a blockage that had been there for a long time could be dissolved.
* Eva is a kind, caring coach who has brought clarity and inner confidence to my work. She has helped me see what my heart wants and earning extra income is integrated. She knows how to get you down to your core emotions to uncover powerful insights. Working with her has been incredibly beneficial!
* After the inner work, I had the feeling of having regained my inner strength and confidence. That's how I could consider filming myself to talk about the project and the broadcaster on social networks. It is with great gratitude that I thank Eva, for her enthusiastic support.
* Dear Eva, I have thought of you recently because it has been a year since you saved me! When I compare the mental state I was in a year ago and now ... I'm not the same person anymore! Thanks to you !!!

You were born to thrive

You were born to feel alive

Every single second

of your life